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Hostingley Farm Free Range

Specially selected, traditionally reared free range turkeys and geese

We specialise in producing traditionally reared, succulent, fresh, free range oven ready Bronze Turkeys, White Turkeys, Geese and Pure British Goose Fat, largely for the Christmas market.

Hostingley Farm Free Range is a family run business with over 30 years knowledge and experience in the production of excellent quality Christmas turkeys and in more recent years geese. We are genuinely dedicated to the highest standards of animal welfare and to producing a top quality, free range bird in the time honoured traditional way. Our free range turkeys and geese are specially selected slow growing breeds which we allow to grow to full maturity, all of which contributes to their very special flavour and texture.

Our free range turkeys and geese stay with us from day old to oven ready in time for Christmas. Once they are old enough they are given freedom to graze in paddocks and fields around the farm, with access to shelter if they should choose. All our geese and turkeys are fed naturally on grass, grain from our own assured farm, and specially prepared ration with no additives or growth promoters.

Licensed humane processing, using ministry vet approved methods is carried out on site, eliminating the need for long distance live transport. The turkeys and geese are then hung in our chilled facilities for a minimum of 10 days to further enhance their flavour, before being prepared by hand for the oven, we do not add water. The whole process takes place with minimum stress in our Environmental Health inspected facilities.

We are very proud of the high quality free range turkeys and geese we produce, and the method by which we produce them, the flavour and texture is second to none.

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  • Tim and Lynne Lindley
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Superb Free Range Turkeys, coming back for 10th year
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  • Food Hygiene Rating 5
  • Mayor of Kirklees Local Food Hero Winner 2009-2010
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