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Traditionally reared, succulent free range turkeys

All our turkeys are free range and sold fresh at Christmas time. They are specially selected, slow growing strains and are allowed to grow to full maturity, producing meat with that very special old fashioned flavour and texture.

Our turkeys arrive from the specialist hatchery as day olds at the beginning of July. They are immediately put in small groups under heat lamps, on deep clean bedding and given constant access to food and water. A check is kept on their well being at regular intervals day and night for two to three weeks. When the birds are old enough, around six to eight weeks, they are allowed to graze in our grass fields and paddocks, or seek the shelter of large barns which are bedded down daily with deep fresh straw. They have constant access to our home grown grain, (grown to Farm Assured standards) and specially prepared ration, which contains no artificial additives, drugs or growth promoters. At night the turkeys are enclosed in large straw barns for their protection.

The highest standards of animal welfare

During December our free range turkeys are processed on the farm, eliminating the need for live transport. They are dry plucked and waxed by hand, before being hung in our chilled facilities for a minimum of 10 days, allowing their full flavour to develop. The birds are then made oven ready for our customers and come complete with vacuum packed giblets and cooking instructions. Our turkeys can be ordered and collected from the farm or from one of our stockists.

We are genuinely committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. We take great care to ensure our free range turkeys are treated with the utmost care and have a stress free life from beginning to end.

Bronze turkeys

A question we are commonly asked by new customers is - What is a bronze turkey?

A bronze turkey is a domestic turkey that was originally bred in the United States, said to be the product of crossing domestic turkeys, brought from Europe by colonists, with wild turkeys. The name is derived from their shimmering green - bronze plumage.

They are extremely succulent and have a very special flavour and texture. Oven ready bronze turkeys can be recognised by the black feather stubs present in the skin, they are perfectly normal and will shrivel during cooking.

Hostingley Farm Turkeys

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A word from our customers...

Best Christmas Turkey we've ever had

Did you know...

The American Indians hunted wild turkey for its sweet, juicy meat as early as 1000AD.

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