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Specially selected breeds of free range geese

All our geese are free range and sold fresh around Christmas time. Like our turkeys the free range geese we rear are selected breeds sourced from small specialist hatcheries. They are allowed to grow to full maturity, at around about six months old, producing meat with that very special old fashioned flavour and texture.

The day old goslings arrive at the beginning of May. They are immediately put into small groups under heat lamps, on deep clean bedding and given constant access to food and water. A check is kept on their well being at regular intervals day and night for two to three weeks.

When old enough they are allowed to graze in our grass fields and paddocks during the day. At night they are brought up into smaller more secure open air compounds for safety. They also have access to shelters which are bedded down daily with straw, but they rarely use them, geese prefer to be outside. As the birds get older their grass diet is supplemented with our own home grown grain (grown to Farm Assured Standards). They are never given artificial additives or growth promoters, all that is needed to produce a succulent meaty bird is time and good honest food.

The highest standards of animal welfare

During December our geese are processed on the farm, eliminating the need for live transport. They are dry plucked and waxed by hand and then hung in our chilled facilities for a minimum of ten days, to bring out their full flavour. The birds are then made oven ready for our customers and come complete with vacuum packed giblets, some fat and cooking instructions. Our geese can be ordered and collected from the farm or from one of our stockists.

We have a genuine commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare. We take great care to ensure our geese are treated with the utmost care and have a stress free life from beginning to end.

Michaelmas goose

29th September (in most areas) the feast of St.Michael and All Angels, was traditionally the day when the first goose of the year was eaten. On this day in Victorian England tenants often presented their landlord with a goose. Today goose is becoming increasingly more popular with those wanting something different to celebrate Christmas.

Hostingley Farm Geese

  • Christmas Goose chick
  • Our Free Range Christmas Geese
  • Lynne with a Free Range Christmas Goose
  • Our Christmas Geese running free in the fields

A word from our customers...

Always had a fantastic Free Range Christmas Goose and service

Did you know...

There are an estimated 200 million geese in China - more than 20 times the number in any other country.

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